Sunday, September 28, 2008

Bobby Pontillas Animation and Gallery



RAWLS said...

Let me be the first to say that Bobby is the man!! Great stuff my friend!

annie said...

wow, very cool. I love the subtle details.

Zimm said...

First an interview, then the world.

chunkstyle23 said...

Am I selfish that I didn't want the world to find out about our Lil Bobby? Soon, they will come for him and all will know his mighty works.

Doug Williams said...

Thanks for the call out Bobby! Great interview ta' boot. For those who don't know Bobby, he's one of the most passionate and positive people I've ever met. It's good to know he's getting his name out there.

You all should have seen his Kung Fu Troll test animation. Brought down the house.

He also is a pretty decent break dancer. I have videos.

flaviano said...

congrats and keep rulez man!

k. borcz said...

Nice interview and great stuff! Love the links too hadn't seen them before.

Jason Quade said...

It's been awhile since I've seen your work, and I have to say, from your humble beginnings of submitting art to the comic mag 'Wizard'; to your current state as a professional, it's been incredible to see you grow. You animate, as others, like me walk and talk.

And to second what Doug has said, Bobby is infectious! He's emotionally intelligent, hilarious, and overall, a person you want to be around.

Congrats on the interview.

Jesi Ogo said...

Bobby! Man you rock! You have been such an inspiration to me and even got me into school! Your art is untouchable and I hope one day that I'll be right up there with you! =)

Cheryl jacob said...

I've known u since jr high and always thought that u were talented, making flyers for birthdays and all the local dances. Who would have thought animation would be your passion in the future or better yet, that I would end up being your future wife.
I'm so proud of you babe. You work so hard and I'm sorry if I ever give u a hard time about it. It's only because I love spending time with my funny guy! I'm just so blessed to be with such an inspiring, wonderful and talented person. I love and admire u always. Muah!

manlio vetri said...

nice interview,naaa the part on the animation pipeline was not boring man!!!awesome sketches and animation!love your style...keep it on!!!

Lel said...

wow, great sketches, seamless animation and by the sounds of it your a really nice guy : ) keep it up, can't wait to join with watchers of your blog ^_^

Rob said...

lovely stuff.. especially love the pen work

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